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Coming Together Is A Beginning…

Coming Together Is A Beginning.
Keeping Together Is Progress.
Working Together Is Success.

Teamwork Is So Important…

Teamwork Is So Important That
It Is Virtually Impossible For You
To Reach The Heights Of Your Capabilities
Or Make The Money That
You Want Without Becoming Very Good At It.!!

Wearing The Same Shirts…

Wearing The Same Shirts
Doesn’T Make A Team.

It Is Easy To Get Good Players…

It Is Easy To Get Good Players.
Getting Them To Play Together,
That’S The Hard Part.

When You’Ve Got Something To Prove…

When You’Ve Got Something To Prove,
There’S Nothing Greater Than A Challenge.

One Man Practising Sportsmanship Is…

One Man Practicing Sportsmanship Is
Far Better Than  Preaching It !!

That Have More Talent Than You…

There May Be People
That Have More Talent Than You,
But Theres No Excuse For Anyone
To Work Harder Than You Do.

Number One Is…

Number One Is Just To Gain A Passion For Running.
To Love The Morning,
To Love The Trail,
To Love The Pace On The Track.
If Some Kid Gets Really Good At It,
That’S Cool Too !!

A Trophy Carries Dust…

A Trophy Carries Dust.
Memories Last Forever.

My Greatest Asset…

I Always Felt That
My Greatest Asset Was Not My Physical Ability,
It Was My Mental Ability.

Age Is No Barrier…

Age Is No Barrier.
It’S A Limitation You Put On Your Mind.

When You Are Riding…

When You Are Riding,
Only The Race In Which
You Are Riding Is Important.

A Good Sport Is To Lose…

The Only Way To Prove That
You’Re A Good Sport Is To Lose.