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Loss Is Imaginary…

Just Remember, Loss Is Imaginary.
Nothing Ever Disappears In The Universe;
It Only Changes Form.
If There Is Something That Still Wounds You,
It’S Because Of The Meaning That You Have Linked To It.
Maybe What You Need To Do Is To Have Faith And Say,
‘Even Though I Don’T Know Why This Has Happened,
I Am Willing To Trust.
Someday, When The Time Is Right,
I Will Understand.. !!

When I Am Trusting…

When I Am Trusting
And Being Myself As Fully As Possible,
Everything In My Life Reflects This
By Falling Into Place Easily,
Often Miraculously.. !!

Trust A Person To That Extent…

Trust A Person To That Extent,
That He Feels Guilty To Cheat You.:)
Care For A Person To That Extent,
That He Fears To Loose You.. !

Trust Is Sharing Something…

Trust Is Sharing Something With
Another Knowing It Will Go In Their Ear
And Not Out Their Mouth Into Another Ear

Why We Don’T Trust People…

There Are Two Reasons Why We Don’T Trust People.
1St: We Don’T Know Them
2Nd: We Know Them

Sometimes I Don’T Understand…

Dear Father,
Sometimes I Don’T Understand Why Things Happen,
Help Me To Trust Your Heart When I Don’T See Your Hand,
Help Me To Trust You In Dark.