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In Junior High School…

In Junior High School,
Who You Are Is Defined Less
By Who You Are Than
By Who Is The Person Next To You.

The Secret Of Education…

The Secret Of Education Lies In Respecting The Pupil

Formal Education Will Make You A Living…

Formal Education Will Make You A Living;
Self-Education Will Make You A Fortune.

Natural Ability Without Education…

Natural Ability Without Education
Has More Often Raised
A Man To Glory And Virtue
Than Education Without Natural Ability.

Power Of Mathematics…

Power Of Mathematics
One Day A Box Wasn’T Opening.
Lawyer Came, Applied All Laws But It Didn’T Open
Chemist Came, Applied All Reactions But It Didn’T Open
Physician Came, Applied All Forces But No Change
Even The Biologist Failed
Mathematician Came & Said
Let’S Suppose The Box Is Open

Education Is Incomplete Without 5 B’S…

Education Is Incomplete Without 5 B’S
B – Bikes.
B – Beers.
B – Babes.
B – Bunks. And The Most Important.
B – Backlogs.

Life Is My College…

Life Is My College.
May I Graduate Well,
And Earn Some Honors!

Life Affords No Higher Pleasure…

Life Affords No Higher Pleasure
Than That Of Surmounting Difficulties,
Passing From One Step Of Success To Another,
Forming New Wishes And Seeing Them Gratified.

I Feel That The Greatest Reward…

I Feel That The Greatest Reward
For Doing Is The Opportunity To Do More.

Graduation Is Only A Concept…

Graduation Is Only A Concept.
In Real Life Every Day You Graduate.
Graduation Is A Process
That Goes On Until The Last Day Of Your Life.
If You Can Grasp That,
You’Ll Make A Difference.

Every Man Has Two Educations…

Every Man Has Two Educations
That Which Is Given To Him,
And The Other Which He Gives Himself.

Education Is An Admirable Thing…

Education Is An Admirable Thing,
But It Is Well To Remember From Time To Time That
Nothing Worth Knowing Can Be Taught.